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Who is Boundless MEdia?

Our History

Boundless MEdia was created in 2021 by and for Mainers dedicated to creating new narratives that contribute to multicultural growth and community engagement in our state. In just half a year, Boundless has produced accessible Somali-language news videos for the Somali community in Maine and beyond, interviewed community members about COVID-19 vaccine misconceptions, and even hired an East African News reporter in Nairobi, Kenya.  

We thank our viewers and readers for their support and look forward to the future and all it has in store for Boundless! This is only the beginning.  

Our Mission

Boundless’ mission was born out of a conversation between friends. Our founder, Abdullahi Ali, wondered if there was a way to make reliable, unbiased news more accessible to his fellow Somali brothers and sisters. He knew that there were other multilingual news outlets, both locally and nationally, but something was missing for him.  

What about people in countries that lack reliable news sources? How could we cater not just to our local community, but also to communities around the world? Thus, Boundless MEdia’s mission came to fruition:  

  • We strive daily to deliver you the most important local, national, and international news in English and Somali.  
  • We aim to provide on-the-ground news from our correspondents in both Portland, Maine and Nairobi, Kenya.  
  • We seek to make the news accessible to as many people as we can, knowing that trustworthy, fact-based news is necessary for people to understand and empathize with one another.  
  • In addition to bringing news to our communities, we also aspire to highlight the voices of our community members, amplifying their stories through mutual understanding and collaboration.  
  • In the future, as our capacity grows, we plan to add more languages and provide our services to more communities.  

As always, we want to hear from our community about what they want to see, hear, and/or know more about it. If you have a news item you want to see covered, have some feedback you’d like to give us or want to volunteer and gain experience in news production, please feel free to reach out on our “Contact Us” page. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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