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Kithure Kindiki warning to corrupt Police officers

Published: Feb.,16 2024 2:55 PM(EAT)

Interior and National Administration CS Kithure Kindiki has said that he is now going after corrupt police officers.

Speaking in Kirinyaga on Friday, Kindiki said that while there are many good officers in the police service, there are a few who are bad.

He insisted that it will not be business as usual for such officers under his stewardship.

The CS said such officers are the same people who have been taking bribes to protect people who run unlicensed bars, and because of this, they spoil the name of the service.

Kindiki said he will not take the matter lightly, and these officers, some of whom he said own the unlicensed bars, have to choose where they want to serve Kenyans or get dismissed from the police service.

“We have very good officers. We have very good chiefs, very good assistant chiefs, we have very good OCSs but the truth is that a few officers are also corrupt and they are bad. They are taking bribes to protect unlicensed bar owners. Some of them are owners of those outlets. Those few officers destroying the reputation of others, I am also going to be on your case.

“You have to choose whether you want to remain in uniform as an officer or you want to be in prison uniform,” the Interior CS said.

Kindiki added that stern action will be taken against officers who will be found culpable of facilitating operations of unlicensed bars.

He noted that unlike in the past when the officers would be transferred to a new station, they will now be charged in a court of law where they may end up serving a jail term.

“We have stopped transferring people. Ukiharibu hapa tukakutransfer tunakupeleka the other side kwani mahali unaenda si Kenya? Ukiharibu unapitia Kotini ukienda. We cannot be transferring a problem from one place to another.”

Kindiki said that the many good officers who are serving the country with integrity and dedication will always be rewarded with promotions as well as good terms of service, among other incentives.

The Interior CS also directed a probe into the Kirinyaga illicit liquor incident that left 13 people dead this week.

He called on relevant agencies to commence the investigations to bring to justice those involved.

“Relevant agencies are directed to immediately initiate inquiries upon which appropriate administrative action will ensue on those found culpable,” he said on Friday.

At the same time, Kindiki has directed the immediate removal, and probe of all security and national government administration officers culpable over illicit toxic brew in Kirinyaga.

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