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Ruto defends his decision to attend Korea summit

By Moses Muli

Published: June 6,2024 11:38 AM

President William Ruto has explained his decision to attend the Korea-Africa summit despite previously stating that such events would be represented by the African Union.

Ruto pointed out that there exists a mechanism within the AU when it comes to attending such foreign meetings.

“When I made that statement, I was clear on the mechanism to be employed when it comes to attending it,” he said.

“There is a mechanism, at the minimum, for there to be a representation of the bureau of the AU of at least 13 heads of state so it’s not only the chair who can represent us.”

Ruto asserted that it is only a few heads of state representing their peers and ensuring the collective interests of the continent were advocated effectively attended the summit.

“I  can confirm to you that 54 heads of state are not here, we are less than 20,” he told BBC in an interview.

This, he said, is contrary to widespread claims.

“We are very clear as to the agenda of what we want to discuss, this was not an opportunity for photos, this was a serious engagement,” he said.

During an interview in April last year, Ruto took issue with the habit of African heads of state being summoned to foreign summits noting it is not right.

“It is not intelligent for 54 African Presidents to go and sit before one president from another country for a summit. Sometimes, we are mistreated. We are loaded onto buses like school kids. It is not right,” he argued.

“The decision we have made as AU is that going forward, if there is going to be a discussion between Africa and any other country, we would send the chair and the bureau. That is the position I am taking as the president of Kenya.”

Among the achievements, he said, includes $10 billion for African countries to be granted through bilateral frameworks between Korea and Africa and multilateral development banks.

Another $14 billion, he added, will go towards infrastructure in the continent.

“We have concrete outcomes of where we want to go and the world is listening to us,” he added.

At the same time he revealed that as the AU, they are proposing that every year they will be having economic and investment summits where they invite nations like Germany, the US, Korea, EU among others.

According to Ruto, this will be a good opportunity for them to profile their investments instead of travelling around the globe.

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